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I'm a slightly vulgar (who am I kidding, I'm completely vulgar) cycle-syncing yoga teacher and reproductive health educator weaving women’s wellness and chakra work into badass, healing cycle-conscious yoga sequences, body literacy courses and yoga teacher trainings for women around the globe.

I teach from my own personal lived experiences. I began as a personal trainer in 2001 before birthing my own children in 2004. From then on I began charting my own menstrual cycle and working with pregnant and postpartum women, building on my knowledge and expertise in the field of sexual & reproductive health and yoga over the past 20 years.

Cycle-conscious yoga, meditation, menstrual cycle charting and body literacy have been a part of my healing journey and I credit these sacred practices for supporting me in ditching hormonal birth control, birthing twins, experiencing a phenomenal homebirth, 3 international moves, miscarriage, abortion, divorce, learning to love and forgive myself, as well as others.

People often tell me I have a nurturing, empathetic and mothering personality... but I also take no BS and will fight for what is right if the situation calls for it. Shocked? Don't be... read the Bhagavad Gita.

"Periods are normal. What's not normal are the mainstream ideas surrounding periods. Normalize periods."

- Nina Haley -

In addition to talking about vulvas, periods, vaginas and cycle-conscious yoga, I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 always unschooled kids, I majored in Animal & Poultry Science with a minor in African-American studies at an HBCU but dropped out to start my own personal training business in 2002 and I've been traveling around the world and living abroad since 2012.

I'm the creator of Cycle Awareness Yoga®, a yoga practice that honors women's natural rhythms and encourages syncing your yoga and meditation practice with your menstrual cycle. In 2019 I founded Cycle Awareness School where I offer live and online body literacy classes, menstrual cycle charting courses, childbirth education classes and sexual health education.

Yoga Therapist In-Training

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Sexual & Reproductive Health Educator

Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner In-Training

Fertility Awareness Educator

Childbirth Educator

Full Spectrum Doula


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Which brings me to why I do what I do...

I teach cycle-conscious yoga, meditation, menstrual cycle charting and body literacy as embodiment practices for self-healing, empowerment, manifestation and liberation.

I offer yoga in a way that honors the fact that you have a uterus and ovaries, which both play an intricate part in your cyclical nature as a human being. In traditional kundalini and tantric traditions, menstruation and fertility were considered sacred and powerful. Over the years in my own yoga practice I've learned that only in the moment of now can yoga occur, that means that if during your practice you are bleeding or ovulating, THAT, is a part of your yoga.

As a body literacy educator I teach women and girls about their bodies and their cycles so that they can avoid the traumas of previous generations. Fertility awareness and reproductive health education is the right of every woman and girl on this planet. With this knowledge we can collectively reduce the stigmas associated with female bodies, menstruation and sexuality.

My mission is to support women and girls throughout their life’s journey and reproductive health cycles. I share ancestral and learned knowledge with women around the world so that they can advocate for themselves, empower their menstrual cycles, reclaim their reproductive health and liberate themselves from the pressures of society, while also discovering their own authentic true selves.

Empowered women raise up and inspire future generations, they create safe spaces for younger women and girls to discover who they really are at their core. My vision is a world where women and girls feel safe in their own bodies, they understand what is happening throughout their reproductive lifestyle and they feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for themselves and their bodies. Yoga, menstrual cycle charting and body literacy open the door for all of this to happen in the lives of women and girls.

The mission and vision are simple and yet, not so easy, but we shall prevail!



✌🏾&🖤 Nina