Menstrual Cycle Charting with paper or app
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Paper or App for Fertility Awareness Charting?

In this day and age of technology, "fertility tracking" device apps are growing in popularity... but are they the best option?

FAM, also known as the fertility awareness method, is an awareness practice that supports connecting us with our bodies and its subtle signals. Electronic devices have proven to disconnect us from the natural world around us. As we delve into the practice of fertility awareness method, we look to build deeper connections with the world around us, our minds and our bodies. In that respect, paper charting brings us closer to ourselves, while using apps can cause more of a disconnect.

My Menstrual Cycle Charting Journey
Body Literacy

My Menstrual Cycle Charting Journey…

Like many of you, I struggled with heavy, painfully long periods when I was a teenager. In an effort to bring me relief and comfort, my mother took me to the GYN in 1995 and they resolved to put me on hormonal birth control to lessen my period symptoms. While the hormonal birth control did indeed reduce my heavy and painful periods, I also developed softball sized cysts on my ovaries. The ovaries would burst and cause excruciating pain.

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