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what is body literacy?

Body literacy is an empowering term that defines the journey of attaining self-knowledge about your body and its natural rhythms and cycles. It takes into account that the menstrual cycle is the 5th vital sign of health and wellness. Body literacy includes reproductive justice, freedom to choose, informed choice ultimately leading to reclamation of reproductive health.

There are 3 steps to body literacy:

  1. Observing
  2. Learning
  3. Understanding

Once you have attained these 3 steps and can chart and interpret your body’s signals, you can accurately determine your fertile and infertile times, making informed choices about your birth control options. 

The term, body literacy, was originally coined in 2005 by three Canadian women, all women’s health activistsLaura Wershler, Geraldine Matus, and Megan Lalonde.

If you would like to know more about the variety of body literacy courses offered, please visit: Cycle Awareness School


Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator
Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

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