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Birthing your baby into this world is a transformational experience that you will remember for a lifetime... how will you prepare?

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Understanding what is happening to your body during pregnancy. 

Learning how to nourish your body and your baby. 

Discovering all of your options for labor and birthing. 

Making the right choices for you, your baby and your family.

Creating a birth plan that works for you.

Welcoming your baby into this world in a way that you want to remember. 

Preparing for unplanned situations and as many possible outcomes as you can think of.

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Empowered Birth Course

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An online childbirth education course designed to prepare you for birthing

If you're struggling to understand the changes you're going through during pregnancy or what will happen when you go into labor, then this course is right for you.

Empowered Birth offers you an inside look into common pregnancy complaints along with remedies, how to nourish yourself throughout pregnancy, creating your birth plan and learning about all of your labor and birthing options so that you can prepare yourself for all possible outcomes.

This 12-module self-paced online course offers you the same education that I give in my live courses with bonuses PLUS a ton of savings.

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Hey, I'm Nina

I'm an unschooling, world traveling yoga teacher and reproductive health educator... but my main gig is being a mom to these 3 beautiful souls.

Pregnant women come to me for help preparing for their transformational journey into motherhood. Since 2004 I've been supporting mothers-to-be in exploring all of their options through evidence-based, unbiased, non-judgmental childbirth education courses and birthwork as a professional doula.


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


" Wonderful doula! Educated, patient, supportive and top service. Totally changed my birth experience and allowed me to be in control of my birth with love, compassion and care ♥️"

Angela C., KUWAIT

About 60 out of 100 women give birth on or before their given due date. In another 35 out of 100 women, contractions start on their own within two weeks of the due date. But it takes longer in about 5 out of 100 women. 

what you'll learn

Planning for Birth

Nourishing Yourself

In this module you will learn all about birth partner communication, creating your birth plan and exploring your many options.

One of the most important topics for my clients is how to nourish themselves and their babies during pregnancy. Learn all about nourishing mind & body.

Got aches and pains? this module discusses the many common complaints during pregnancy as well as useful remedies to bring you comfort.


Prenatal Testing

Anatomy & Physiology

Want to know more about the testing that happens during the 2nd and 3rd trimester? This module provides you with the how, when and why of prenatal tests.

Discover your reproductive anatomy in a new light as it transforms and prepares for labor and birthing your baby into this world. 

Head up or down? With so much information out there about "optimal" fetal positioning, this module breaks down fetal positions.

Fetal Positioning

The Labor Process

Got Stage Fright?

Learn the different ways that labor can begin, how it progresses, as well as what your might expect during your labor experience. 

Now that you know how labor begins, we will discuss what you might experience during each stage of labor.

This short module discusses exactly what your uterus, pelvis and baby do to support and assist each other during labor and birthing. 

Working Together

Medical & Non-Medical 

Know Your Options

In this module you will learn all of your medical and non-medical pain relief options. Choose the options that are right for you!

Birthing your baby into this world is a transformational experience. Get to know your options and all possible outcomes, as well as how you can best prepare.

Common Interventions

The Welcoming Hour

You will learn about common interventions during labor and birthing, as well as the how, when and why those interventions might occur

It's time to welcome your baby into this world. Learn about what happens once your baby is in the immediate postpartum time as well as the next few days.

downloadable pdf guidebook & workbook included

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Track and journal your pregnancy with the Empowered Birth Planner with inspirational birthing quotes, intention setting, monthly reflections and more.


Total value over $800

"my husband and i had no idea what we were doing with our first pregnancy but taking childbirth classes with you gave us the confidence to make decisions that made sense to us."

kristy m., kuwait

Want to understand ALL of their options without added the advice and judgement that comes with so many childbirth courses

Wish to empower their birthing experiences by making the decision that are best suited for them and their babies.

Want and interactive program that includes journaling, yoga, meditation AND evidence based education

This course is designed for women who...

Are you ready for a childbirthing program that supports you physically, mentally & emotionally as your prepare for birthing your baby?

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Yes! This program takes every aspect of my live childbirthing course and makes it available for you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home.

You have access to the training videos forever, just in case you need a refresher for any future pregnancies.


This childbirthing course offers evidence-based, unbiased, non-judgemental information about pregnancy, labor, birthing and the immediate postpartum time so that YOU can make the choices that are right for yourself, your body, your baby and your family. This course does not lean toward natural birth nor medical birth but instead provides you accurate information about all of your birthing options.


This course offers plenty of resources for creating your birth including my exclusive Birth BluePrint which helps you discover all of your options and create your birth plan.

If you find that you want more individual support in creating your birth plan, you can book a private appointment with me at my normal rate of $125/hr.


Yes! This childbirth education course is updated every year with the newest evidence-based information that is available.

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Finally a Childbirth Education Course That Offers You Unbiased, Non-Judgmental Information & Support

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I want you to absolutely love your Empowered Birth: Childbirth Education Course. I do not offer refunds for my online courses as this course is a culmination of over a decades worth of knowledge and experience in birthwork training, including childbirth education and doula support. I do ask that if for some reason, you are unsatisfied with the Empowered Birth Course that you reach out to let me know why the course is not working for you to see if there is a way that I can improve the course offering to meet your specific needs. 

If you are unsure if Empowered Birth is right for you, please reach out first, before purchasing, so that I can answer any questions you might have.

i want you to love it

"we had the most amazing birth and i thank you so much for all that you taught duane, he was the best doula i could have asked for"

kanika m., pennsylvania usa

"These classes were essential in the birth of our little boy and we are so appreciative Nina."

Angela z., delaware usa

"A lady with very good knowledge of her field. Her simple advice helped helped me a lot! Wish her success!"

farah n., kuwait