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Are you ready to support pregnant & postpartum women with yoga, meditation and yoga nidra as they transition into motherhood?

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students about pregnancy, birthing and postpartum

your practice, your body, mind, spirit and womb space

your teaching skills so you can better support students

A live online prenatal or postnatal yoga teacher training program?

A teacher training that supports ALL types of births and parenting choices?

A way to teach un-biased, non-judgmental prenatal & postnatal yoga classes?

Training that includes hatha vinyasa, kundalini, restorative and yoga nidra for pregnant & postpartum women?

Support for core restoration, pelvic floor health & diastasis recti recovery?

Well, I've got something for you...

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Powerful Prenatal & Peaceful Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

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The yoga teacher training program that supports all birthing & parenting choices!

The 100-hour Powerful Prenatal & Peaceful Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training programs is designed for women who want to hold space for women's birthing and parenting choices.

Choose from Prenatal Only (4 weeks - 50 hours), Postnatal Only (4 weeks - 50 hours) or both Prenatal & Postnatal (8 weeks - 100 hours) dependent upon your specific needs.

When you register, you receive instant access to the online training content so that you can begin the self-study portion of the training, choose your live training call start time and then meet me LIVE when your weekly training call begins to dive deeper into your training material.

Live Training Call Dates:
February - March
June - July
September - October

Many prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher trainings focus on only one type of birthing outcome and parenting outcome. The reality is that not every woman wants that experience and not every woman achieves that specific experience. This can leave new mothers feeling as if they failed or if they weren't enough or aren't doing enough.

This training teaches you to look past your own experiences and judgements so that you can fully support women, their birthing choices, their birthing experiences and their parenting choices.

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Hey, I'm Nina

I'm a kundalini yoga loving childbirth educator, former professional doula and single mom of 3 beautiful souls.

I teach busy women how to practice and teach prenatal and postnatal yoga to support each woman's unique birthing experience and parenting choices without bias or judgement...


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


More of your story goes here... make sure you keep it relevant about this course and topic (oh... and keep it short too) 


“I was pregnant with my 2nd baby when I took this training with Nina. I had the best birth I could have asked for and I learned how to teach prenatal yoga to other women without putting my own experience before theirs. This is so much more than just a yoga training, it's lifechanging.”


In one study of high-risk pregnant women with morbidity factors such as obesity or advanced age, yoga resulted in significantly fewer cases of pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, and intrauterine growth restriction, as well as a decrease in perceived stress levels.

training modules

Holding Space

Anatomy & Physiology

Learn the importance of holding space for women during their transition into motherhood, as they  shift through the hormonal fluctuations of each of the 4 trimesters of pregnancy.

 Learn the anatomy & physiology of the female pelvis from a physiotherapist, the anatomical changes during pregnancy, labor, birthing and postpartum, as well as tips for protecting the core & pelvic floor.


Labor & Birthing

Discover how breathwork, mudra, mantra, kriya and movement can support women from the 1st to 3rd trimester of pregnancy, yes, all trimesters.

 Learn yogic practices and postures your pregnant students can utilize throughout their labor and birthing experience. Birth Prep Workshop anyone?


Essentials of Teaching

Learn how to safely guide your postpartum students through breathwork and gentle restorative yoga practice to restore the core and pelvic floor, while also nurturing the new mother.

You will rediscover yoga philosophy as it relates to pregnancy & postpartum, how to ethically grow your prenatal & postnatal yoga business, redefine your scope of practice and much more.

you will learn to hold space for women, their birthing choices & experiences

plus you'll get
special bonuses!

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2-Month Membership to Cycle Awareness Yoga® online yoga studio to support your prenatal & postnatal yoga and meditation practice. You'll also receive access to live events, women's circles and special courses with PDF workbooks and digital audio recordings.



Access to Empowered Birth: Childbirth Education Course. This full CBE program that will teach you about pregnancy, labor and birthing options that your students will have, as well as the reasons why a woman and her doctor may choose these options.($197 value)



Private PPYTT Group to connect with other trainees in the program, where you will find continued training support, access to curriculum updates and new content, plus assistance from Nina whenever you need it.


Most prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher trainings focus on natural birthing, but only 40% of women have unmedicated (natural) birth.

“every class i felt like i was connecting with my baby boy."

samantha d., Kuwait

Are ready to let go of their own ideas and judgements surrounding pregnancy, labor & childbirthing

Wish to offer unbiased, non-judgmental support to other women during their pregnancy, birthing and postpartum yoga journeys

Want to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga in a way that supports women's bodies, minds, spirits, babies, as well as their birthing & parenting choices

THIS training

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What is prenatal & postnatal yoga and how does it differ from regular yoga?

Prenatal yoga is taught to pregnant women who are preparing for birthing, while postnatal yoga is taught to women who have already given birth. These classes differ from regular yoga classes as they are focused toward the specific needs of pregnant and postpartum women. Regular yoga classes may not be appropriate for pregnant and postpartum women, especially those who are new to yoga and may not know which yogic practices are unsuitable for pregnancy or postpartum, nor how to modify their practice for their own safety and the safety of their babies.

is this training for women only?

Yes! I created this sacred yoga teacher training for women as they learn to teach and support other women through their reproductive life cycle into motherhood.

What if I don't have a 200-hour yoga teaching certification?

If you do not have prior 200-hour yoga teacher training, then you can still take this training with the understanding that you will not receive certification to teach prenatal or postnatal yoga until you receive certification from a 200-hour program.

You will, however, receive a certificate of attendance for CEs if you are a childbirth educator, labor & birth doula, personal trainer, midwife or other non-yoga professional.

What if I don’t want to become a yoga teacher, but want to take this training for my own personal yoga practice?

Although every woman can benefit from taking this training, as it offers in-depth knowledge of pregnancy, labor, birthing and the postpartum period, this training is meant for those who wish to teach prenatal and/or postnatal yoga and support other women in transforming their lives, empowering their births and preparing for motherhood. If you are not interested in becoming a yoga teacher, you can still take the training to deepen your practice and awareness BUT there are much more cost effective ways of doing this, like a workshop, intensive or retreat.

Can I complete the training at my own pace?

Absolutely yes! The reason this course is online and live is so that you can study and certify at a pace that suits your schedule. The online portion of the training gives you lifetime access to all training materials, including any and all new additions that are added in future trainings. The live portion of the training spans 6 months with weekly calls to solidify the material you learn through the online videos, audios, PDFs and the training manual. You will also experience live lectures and Q&As with experts in the fields of yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, kundalini, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Do I receive a certification?

Yes! You will be certified as a Cycle Awareness Yoga®: 100-Hour Prenatal and/or Postnatal Yoga Teacher. Throughout this training you will learn to teach a variety of yoga styles and practices for a diverse range of teaching skills. Once you have completed all of the certification requirements you will receive your certificate of completion. Certification is not guaranteed, you will have to take the personal responsibility to complete the assignments, homework, quizzes and the final exam.

What does certification mean?

Certification means that you have satisfactorily completed all of the requirements of this training. It means that you have demonstrated the ability to safely guide pregnant and/or postpartum women through a variety of holistic yoga practices to support them as they transition into motherhood. It means that you have knowledge of the yoga sutras, yoga history and philosophy, anatomy & physiology, individual alignment, cueing and how to guide a yoga class that supports and meets women where they are.

How long will it take me to certify?

This is completely dependent upon you and your schedule. The ideal time is 4 weeks for postnatal and 4 weeks for postnatal with the online and live portions of the training being completed. If, however, you need more time to complete the online portion after the live calls end, you are more than welcome to take all the time that you need. Life happens, so you’re encouraged to work at your own pace but keep consistent each week with the work and schedule. The lead trainers are here to support and encourage you throughout your journey, you are responsible for the work but you will receive a schedule with guidance to help you along the way.

What is required for certification?

You must complete all of the following in order to receive certification:

Complete all assignments, homework ,quizzes, written and practical exam

Practical exam: submit a 30 - 60 minute video of you teaching prenatal and/or postpartum yoga (via unlisted or private YouTube)

21-day yoga practice journal

Teach 4 paid prenatal or postnatal yoga classes (2 group, 2 private)

Create a safety guideline handout, benefits handout & class promo ad

Create a website with email-opt in

How long are the weekly live training calls?

All live training calls are 90 minutes in length to give you the most bang for your buck during the training, while also not taking up too much of your personal time. The weekly live training calls are for you to clarify and deepen your knowledge of the online material, received feedback from teachers and peers, as well as learn from guest teachers and lectures.

When do the live calls begin?

Please refer back in this prospectus to learn more about the live training call sessions, days and times. Please commit to attending the live call each week for the duration of the 4-8 week training. These live calls are available to you so that you can ask questions, gain clarity on the material, learn more about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and hear from guest teachers and speakers.

Are there scholarships available?

Yaaaaaassss! There are scholarships available for those who come from underserved communities or are working primarily with women in underserved communities. You can apply for a scholarship here!

Is there a bonus rate if I pay in full?

Hell yes there is! You save $97 when you pay in full in the amount of $800 versus the payment plans that total $897.

Wait, the entire training is online?

Yes!!! The entire prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher training is available to you all online! Women are busy, you have jobs, families, responsibilities and yet you wish to learn more about pregnancy, labor, birth & the postpartum period. It’s tough to get away from home for such a long period of time. Instead of shortening the training and trying to squeeze it into a 15 day training, it is more feasible to create the training online and put the time, work and effort in to create a high quality training that you can complete from the comfort of your own home, in your own sacred time frame.

Is this training Yoga Alliance Approved?

The short answer is no and here is the reason why. This training was originally approved by Yoga Alliance, as well as Yoga Alliance Professionals, and it contains the same base content as the previously approved 200hr Yoga Teacher Training plus much more. Both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals are private, non-profit organizations that over the years, have not proven to be beneficial for yoga teachers nor yoga teacher training programs. They are simply a registry list of studios, teachers and yoga teacher trainings. They are not certifying bodies and they do not certify yoga teachers nor yoga teacher trainings. Yoga Alliance charges a yearly nominal fee to list your name, studio and training on their website, that’s it. The registration and teacher training program approval process is far from optimal and the guidelines set forth by both organizations limit the capacity for trainers to offer exceptional quality trainings in the time frames set forth. Just because a training program is Yoga Alliance approved does not mean that it is quality. Yoga and teaching prenatal & postnatal yoga is a journey that is far beyond what a 100 hour training can offer you, the daily svadyaya and awareness practice never ends! My aim has always been to stick to yoga's origins and roots, teaching yoga in my own authentic way and moving away from the mass commercialization of yoga. Instead of paying yoga registry fees, I've chosen to invest in technology that supports trainees and pay a living wage to the guest yoga teachers who support this training and it's trainees.

Will I be able to register through Yoga Alliance or Yoga Alliance Professionals?

You will not be able to register through Yoga Alliance but you will be able to register through Yoga Alliance Professionals UK until April 2021. This program will no longer be registered via any of these organizations as they have not proven to be beneficial to trainees nor yoga teachers in the long run. Registering as a yoga teacher through these private, non-profit organizations is completely optional and
registering does not guarantee that you will be hired by a studio, nor does it guarantee you success as a yoga teacher. If registering with Yoga Alliance or Yoga Alliance Professionals is important to you, then this is not the right training for you.

Will I be able to teach at a yoga studio?

Yes, you will be a certified 100-hour prenatal and/or postnatal yoga teacher as is defined by industry standards. Please know that this training offers far more than a typical 100-hour prenatal or postnatal yoga teacher program can offer. You will have niche skills that move beyond teaching yoga asana. The lead teachers and trainers have a proven track record of excellence and at some point were aligned with Yoga Alliance until they chose a different path for themselves. These teachers have taught at yoga studios, festivals and built their own businesses and yoga brands across the globe.

What is the weekly time commitment for this training?

Again, you decide how much time you can dedicate to the training. You can work at your own pace through the online material and attend the weekly live calls. If you plan to complete the training within 4 -8 weeks, the weekly commitment may look something like this:

30 minutes of journaling

60 – 90 minutes of homework or assignments

90 minute live call

4 – 6 hours watching pre-recorded training videos

5 - 7 hours of yoga and meditation practice

Still got questions?

That's cool, shoot an email to to get your questions answered. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response due to the time zones, weekend differences, holidays and daily life!

still got questions?


Postnatal Only

4-Week Online Training

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live training calls:
september - October
february - march
june - july


Prenatal & Postnatal

8-Week Online Training

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Prenatal Only

4-Week Online Training

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I want you to fall in love with Cycle Awareness Yoga®: Powerful Prenatal & Peaceful Postpartum Yoga Teacher Training. Please note that there are no refunds for this training. If you are unsure if the Cycle Awareness Yoga® Teacher Training is right for you, please check out some of my free YouTube or Instagram classes to see if my teaching style is a fit for you. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions prior to registering.

i want you to love it

"I'm still friends with the women i met in my prenatal classes with nina."

Lisa t., KUWAIT

"i always felt relaxed and calm leaving postnatal yoga classes."

bethanny m., delaware usa

"best prenatal yoga classes in kuwait! nina knows so much about pregnancy and giving birth."

tanisha m., KUWAIT