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Online Well-Woman Yoga Teacher Training

13 January 2021 - 24 July 2021

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Well Woman Yoga Teacher Training | Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

Online Yoga Teacher Training for Women by Women:

Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

Women Only
Women supporting women is the motto of this training and what better way to show this philosophy than with all women teachers. Experts in their individual fields, they are here to support and guide you.

Cycle Awareness Yoga | Well Woman Yoga Teacher Training

Diverse Teachers
It is an honor to say that this training offers a diverse range of teachers from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the world! We hail from the USA, India, UK, Kuwait, Egypt, Dubai & South Africa.

Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

Most yoga teacher trainings ignore the fact that you have a uterus, ovaries and cyclical hormones. We welcome you and your womb space to practice and learn while in tune with your body's natural rhythms.

Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

We focus on non-harming yoga practices. Trauma-informed yoga is an important aspect in teaching yoga to women, as many are healing from or working through (or not) various types of trauma and/or abuse.

Study at Your Own Pace.

The online portion of the training is self-paced into 6 Modules so that you can study and certify when your schedule allows. This training is designed for busy women who wish to learn more about their bodies, dive deeply into their yoga practice to transform their lives and share this information and practice with women in your community. The Cycle Awareness Yoga®: Well Woman Yoga Teacher Training creates the space for you to learn and grow at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the online training, accessed via PC, laptop, tablet or phone!

Cycle Awareness Yoga | Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator
Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

Weekly Live Online Classes.

Each week there are live 90-minute classes to reinforce the information learned through the online course videos, training manual and handouts. You will have the opportunity to learn live from guest teachers and get answers to your burning questions! The live training calls are recorded via Zoom and uploaded into the online training portal, so if you can't make a live call (even though we hope you try to attend them all), you will be able to access them at your convenience even after training end date. You will have lifetime access to all recorded live sessions.

What Will You Learn?

In this 6 month extensive well-woman yoga teacher training, you will learn reproductive anatomy & physiology of the gynecoid (female) pelvis, how to chart your own menstrual cycle and gauge your hormonal health using the Sympto-Thermal Method of cycle charting. You will also dive deeply into yoga anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy from a tantric perspective, the subtle body, yoga asana, meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra suitable for all phases of the menstrual cycle. Ultimately, you will learn how a cycle-conscious asana, meditation, yoga nidra and body literacy practice can be used as instruments for self-healing, empowerment, manifestation and liberation for women across the globe. Empowered women empower their communities!


Womb Space

This module will take you on a journey into your womb space as we take a look at the history of gynecology, the gynecoid pelvis, reproductive hormones, the menstrual cycle, sexuality, womb trauma and womb yoga. You will go beyond cycle-syncing and menstrual awareness as you learn how to chart your menstrual cycle and ovulation using the Sympto-Thermal method of fertility awareness. You can utilize this method for general health and hormonal tracking, avoiding pregnancy or achieving pregnancy.


Anatomy of Movement

You will discover how each of us are individuals with unique bone, joint and fascial structures. We will discuss why certain cues don't work for everyone, break down postures and peel back the skin to view the human body through a different lens. You will learn to teach yoga for a variety of body types, levels of ability, as well as how to modify postures for different phases of the menstrual cycle and hormonal cycle.


The Subtle Body

Have you always wondered how the chakra system works? In this module you will learn about the subtle body system and how we can use this system as a road map to self-healing, manifestation and liberation. We will discuss prana, the gunas, nadis, koshas, vayus, chakras to get you sensing more than just your physical body.


Living Tantra

Discover the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali from a tantric perspective, the yamas & niyamas, your life's purpose - your dharma! You will learn about ethics in teaching yoga, moving beyond patriarchal and racist systems of yoga, how to create and hold space for students to heal, empower and liberate themselves from within.


Embodying Your Yoga

Module 5 is all about embodying your personal practice and learning to co-create practices for others. You will explore yoga beyond asana, including mudras, mantras, kriyas, affirmations, meditation, yoga nidra and bhakti. Embodying your own yoga practice allows you to teach from the heart.


Money & Spirituality

The business of yoga is typically glossed over in most yoga teacher trainings, and many yoga teachers have a skewed relationship with money. In this module you will focus on setting up your yoga business, how you can give back to your community whilst still making a living for yourself and support your family. Explore what type of yoga teacher you would like to be and how you desire to share this gift of yoga.


Meet Your Lead Trainer

Nina is yoga teacher, sexual & reproductive health educator and the creator of Cycle Awareness Yoga®, a yoga training program created to educate yoga teachers and yoga students on the importance of the menstrual cycle, cycle charting and how a cycle-conscious, woman-centered yoga practice can support a healthy menstrual cycle and hormonal harmony.

Her mission is offering yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and body literacy as instruments for self-healing, empowerment, manifestation and liberation for women and girls across the globe.

Cycle Awareness Yoga | Well Woman Yoga Teacher Training

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