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what is yoga?

Yoga is often described as a set of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines that originated in India. In the Western world though, most people only understand yoga to be the physical asana-based practice, but yoga is so much more than moving from posture to posture.

Yoga occurs in the moment of now, when awareness is drawn inward and the lines of manifestation and liberation meet in the heart center. It is an embodiment practice that can be used as an instrument for healing and empowerment.

I teach Cycle Awareness Yoga®, first and foremost, as an embodiment practice, always beginning with awareness of the breath, settling into the body, freeing up the breath which in turn frees up the mind and emotions. When you focus your awareness on the breath, external distractions and the outside world slowly begin to melt away.

You begin to realize that in the end, the breath IS life and that the physical body and all of those distractions are not what define who you truly are at your core. You are in a continuous cycle of life and death, inside of your womb and in the world around you. The practice of yoga allows you to be at peace with your cyclical environment and embrace your own true nature, which is joy.

Living in joy and in your own truth is a never-ending journey inside of yourself. Experiencing joy doesn’t happen every day, but the more that you show up for yourself, meditate, practice pranayama and yoga nidra, the more you begin to understand your dharma, your life’s purpose and THAT allows you to find more joy around you and inside of yourself!

If you would like to know more about Cycle Awareness Yoga® or yoga teacher training, please visit: Cycle Awareness School


Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator
Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

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