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“Eradicate abuse of women in yoga: reclaim yoga as a tool for planetary healing and justice.​” – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Yoni Shakti: The Movement is a call to action by yoga teacher and author, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD.

Imagine a world where all women and girls are free from shame, oppression and abuse, able to live in resonance with the power of their natural rhythmic cycles and in connection with their inner wisdom.  

We want a world where everybody’s sisters and daughters are safe to pursue their spiritual journeys of reconnection free from abuse.  With your help and the help of a global network of millions of yoginis and yogis, we want to help all women to be aware of how to ensure their safety and sovereignty within the often oppressive and disempowering orthodoxy of yoga environments, and to give women the courage to speak out. We intend to dismantle harmful structures and beliefs that create conditions for the abuse of power in yoga teacher-student dynamics. 

This is the central message of Uma’s book, Yoni Shakti:  A Woman’s Guide to Yoga and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra, and we are raising awareness to this movement and public awareness and education campaign.

To learn more about Yoni Shakti: The Movement and to add your support, please visit the campaign website HERE.


Yoni Shakti The Movement

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The updated and revised new edition of Yoni Shakti includes a comprehensive, practical checklist of 13 Warning Signals that, both protect the safety and sovereignty of women, and empower sisters to spot the potentials for harm within the often oppressive and disempowering orthodoxy of yoga environments.  Also outlined are nine practical, simple and direct Calls to Action that can be taken when abuse is revealed.

Through this campaign, we aim to empower, educate, and resource the Yoni Shakti network of 1000’s of women to share the ‘Empowerment Kit’ of the Womb Yoga Manifesto, the Thirteen Warning Signals of Abuse, the Nine Calls to Action.  Our intention is to reach 1008 yoga teachers, teacher trainings and studios around the globe.  

We need YOU to help us reach this goal!

Please visit Yoni Shakti: The Movement to purchase Uma’s book, Yoni Shakti Updated & Revised and add your support to the campaign.

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