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Yoga is much more than the physical asana practice and should be explored on deeper emotional and mental levels. Yoga, meditation and yoga nidra are transformational instruments for self-healing, empowerment and manifestation for women and girls around the world. As you learn to embody your yoga practice, you reclaim your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit and empower your menstrual cycle through a cycle-conscious yoga and meditation practice. 

Body literacy and reproductive health education are your birthright. You deserve to understand the intricate workings of your body’s natural rhythms, your hormonal fluctuations and your menstrual cycle. Body literacy courses and reproductive health education classes give you the knowledge and understanding to empower your menstrual cycle, reclaiming your reproductive health and liberating yourself from hormonal birth control.

Nina Haley | Yoga Teacher | Reproductive Health Educator

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Since 2004, Nina Haley has been supporting women and girls, using body literacy, movement, self-care practices, yoga and meditation. 

Her teachings have spanned across 3 continents and 11 countries.




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Cycle Awareness School | Online Body Literacy Classes for Women & Girls

cycle awareness school: body literacy courses

Body literacy classes to empower your menstrual cycle. Courses are designed to educate girls and women throughout their reproductive journey, from menarche to menopause.

Online Yoga Subscription Classes for Women

online yoga subscription

Practice yoga in sync with your menstrual cycle when you become a Cycle Awareness Yoga® Member. Enjoy a variety of cycle-conscious yoga and meditation classes. Practice from the comfort of your own home or on the go! 

Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher training

Advance your yoga teaching skills with prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher training and support pregnant and newly postpartum women into motherhood.

Cycle Awareness Yoga Online Well Woman Yoga Teacher Training

well-woman yoga teacher training

Learn to teach yoga and body literacy as instruments for healing, empowerment and liberation for women through menstrual cycle empowerment.



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Online Yoga Classes for women of color
Online private yoga lessons for women of color
Yoga teacher training for women of color
Well Woman Yoga Teacher Training with Nina Haley
Prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training for women of color
Online yoga class subscription for women of color

"I advise every woman to take this class. It helps to increase body awareness and how to practice yoga according to your menstrual cycle. Nina is an amazing teacher, she has great experience and is passionate about what she teaches. I love her."

s.a., kuwait

"Best teacher with the best energy. One of my fav vinyasa classes is with Nina."

T., Kuwait

"Nina is awesome, she makes you flow into your yoga practice... she is so good and passionate. I love her class."

L., Kuwait


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Salmiya, Kuwait & Worldwide

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