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cycle awareness yoga® membership

Practice cycle-conscious yoga at home or on the go!

Access to pre-recorded and LIVE yoga & meditation classes.

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Hey, I'm Nina

I love yoga, uteruses and helping women empower their menstrual cycles so that they can live their best lives without period pain, worrying about unwanted pregnancies nor the side effects of hormonal birth control. I'm the creatrix of Cycle Awareness Yoga® and the founder of Cycle Awareness School™.

I also love gaming, 90's R&B, Guy Ritchie films, plus I've been in the fitness and women's wellness industry since 2004...

My philosophy 

Empowered women change the world, that's why I weave women's wellness and chakra work into badass, healing yoga sequences, body literacy courses and yoga teacher trainings for women and girls around the globe.

Cycle-conscious yoga and body literacy are embodiment practices that can be used for self-discovery, self-healing, empowerment and liberation of your mind, body and soul.

Cycle Awareness School

Cycle Awareness School™ is your source for body literacy courses in holistic sexual and reproductive health. You will find courses for each stage of your reproductive life cycle, from menarche to menopause.

Learn to chart your menstrual cycle and ovulation, track your hormonal health and overall well-being, avoid pregnancy with hormone-free birth control, prepare your whole self for pregnancy, improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally, empower your cycle & reclaim your reproductive health.

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Cycle Awareness Yoga

Cycle Awareness Yoga® creates the space for women to empower their menstrual cycles and reclaim their well-being using cycle-conscious yoga, cycle charting and body literacy as embodiment practices for self-discovery, self-healing, manifestation and liberation.

Take live online yoga classes, join the online membership community and become a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher or Well-Woman Yoga Teacher through the online yoga teacher training programs.

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"My sessions with Nina was something I would look forward to all week, and I am constantly stunned at the extent Nina goes to educate women on their bodies and spread her knowledge and make it accessible to as many women as possible."

n.a., kuwait


" Finally a class dedicated to women (that's not a prenatal class)! The tips I got for my own practice were great because I've always struggled to modify my poses when I'm on my cycle. Nina is a knowledgeable, kind and passionate teacher and she creates a safe space for women to come and learn more about their bodies."

s.a., kuwait

"I advise every woman to take this class. It helps to increase body awareness and how to practice yoga according to your menstrual cycle. Nina is an amazing teacher, she has great experience and is passionate about what she teaches. I love her."

s.a.k., kuwait

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